Hourly Studio Rates


Studio w/Engineer - $65

Song/Lyric Writing - $50

Copy Writing - $50

Arranging - $50

Musical Performance/Programming/Singing - $50

Outside Musician or Voice talent rates vary depending on the project and performer

*Setup time varies based on the project and will be charged at Studio Rate

Block Rates


Per Day - $500 (8 hrs)

Per Song - $600 (10 hrs)

Per Album - $7500 (Up to 12 tracks, 120 hrs)


_ Oakstone Sound offers production services on a per-project basis. Additional fees and/or contractual agreements apply.


_ Custom Jingle services are available for local, national or international markets. Local Market - $2500 National and International Markets - Call for quote.



Record your personal or company podcast with our high quality equipment and present the best possible podcast experience to your listeners.

Don't let poor audio quality prevent you from getting your message through!

Rate plans for multiple podcast sessions are available.



Got some gear and need to know how to use it?

Oakstone can help you learn the basics of recording and help you to create higher quality audio on your own system!



Additional gear rental charges may apply.

CD-R's - $5