Oakstone Sound is a premiere recording studio located in Victoria BC Canada.

We offer multiple recording services including:

Demos                                                                   Albums
Song/Lyric Writing                                             Jingles
Podcasts                                                               Audio Books
Ad-Spots                                                               Background Music

Q: Why record in a commercial studio when you can record at home?

A: Recording and mixing in a professional studio not only gives you access to gear that you may not have in your project studio, it gives you access to our engineers and producers, who have years of experience making music. We can help you to hone down your material and give it a better chance of being well received by your music buying audience.

You could spend the next couple of years learning how to use recording gear, but you want to get your music out to the world NOW...right?

Q: What if I've started recording at home or somewhere else, but want to come to Oakstone for finishing touches?

A: Plenty of clients come to Oakstone with tracks pre-recorded. We edit and mix that material to give a great quality finished product.

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